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Windows, Windows, and More Windows

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When we started Weekend Liberty in 2014 we decided to start with a handful of services we could do for people to help them reclaim their weekends back and to spend time with their families. Window cleaning was just one of those items we would try. After a year in business now we found that window cleaning was the service that was in most demand. We never thought it would be our main service as we start this business. We still plan on adding other services but it has been our most popular service to this point. We are happy that our customers have found this service to be worthwhile and helpful in their lives. Read More

Home Maintenance is a Garden

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Let me first say that we are not garden specialists but we do know that a garden can be a lot of work. Should gardens be a lot of work? It depends on how you take care of your garden. Most people that have gardens will say that they love their garden but they hate all the work it takes to get their reward. Then you will run into that one person who says their garden is low maintenance and there are no weeds and they get the best vegetables. Why is that? Why does one person say their garden is low maintenance and the rest of the population says their garden takes a ton of work? Read More

We’re Getting it Done!

What Our Customers are Saying About Us

Very friendly. Windows were pretty bad but they made them look like new.

Karina R. in Eagle Mountain, UT

Very friendly and shows up when they say they will. They're job was definitely To make the customer happy!

Tammy S. in Cedar Hills, UT

They worked hard and did a great job. I would use them again.

Darolyne C. in Orem, UT

Really nice guys who arrived on time and did an excellent job. They were clean in appearance and kept their promise that they would protect our furnishings. For the length of time they spent at our house, it was incredible value for our money.

Wendy W. in Saratoga Springs, UT

They were prompt and didn't track in dirt from the outside like other window cleaners I've had. They went above and beyond what I asked for. I even had them do my mirrors. They even climbed into my window wells to clean my basement windows, a feat in itself. The estimate was lowered because I had miscounted the number of windows. They are that honest. Friendly, responsible men and I will definitely recommend them to others.

Homeowner in Draper, UT

When Shane called us, he was very pleasant and accommodating. We needed our windows cleaned in a hurry and they came as soon as they could. They even went the extra mile and cleaned out our window wells and hand scrubbed our screens.

Suzanne M. in Springville, UT

They were very personable, and they continued to ask if we were satisfied with the service they were performing. Looked very professional and clean cut.

Kelly L.

They went above and beyond to show you how to keep things nice, and uphold the work they have done. Very professional and showed up on time. Very respectful!

Rachel B.

Pays attention to detail!

Jay N.

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