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Windows, Windows, and More Windows

When we started Weekend Liberty in 2014 we decided to start with a handful of services we could do for people to help them reclaim their weekends back and to spend time with their families. Window cleaning was just one of those items we would try. After a year in business now we found that window cleaning was the service that was in most demand. We never thought it would be our main service as we start this business. We still plan on adding other services but it has been our most popular service to this point. We are happy that our customers have found this service to be worthwhile and helpful in their lives.

I thought I could share a couple items that will help your windows last longer and be cleaner longer. We love your business but we know there are ways to keep costs down if you pay attention to your windows.

  1. Sprinklers: We find a lot of hard water stains on windows. We are good at getting most of the stains out but some hard water stains are not going to come out. Make sure to spend a little extra time watching where your sprinklers spray water. This may take time but if you notice hard water stains on your windows, you know there are sprinklers hitting your house or sprinklers to cause these stains. If you do notice this you can redirect where your sprinklers hit or buy new sprinkler heads so they spray only 90 degrees or whatever may be best for that area of your yard.
  2. Sun: The sun can actually wear down your windows and warp the frames around your windows. Sometimes it will cause your windows to crack or allow moisture to get inside the panes of the windows which will cause issues further down the line if not fixed soon. Any window company that provides windows and installs them can give you advice as to what kind of windows are best for long exposures to heat from the sun.
  3. Cleaning: Be careful with what types of chemicals and brushes you clean your windows with. If you do not hire a professional window cleaner to clean your windows then make sure you use chemicals that are good for your windows. Anything organic will be fine for your windows. Soft brushes will work fine as well. Microfiber rags or newspaper will work great for drying off windows. Then again, not cleaning your windows for a long period of time will cause windows to not last as long as well. You should clean the inside of your windows at least yearly and the outside of your windows at least twice a year. We have customers who want them monthly as well. This is great!
  4. Tracks: Some customers love to have their tracks taken out of the windows and cleaned. This service isnt as popular but it definitely helps get the grime and dirt out of the tracks so your windows can open and close easier. Some windows do not have tracks you can take out but most of them do. Just take a screwdriver and prop them up and take them out. Then you can clean the track space. This will help your windows last a little longer by taking care of the space they live in.

These are a few tips in helping your windows last longer. We hope this helps you with helping your windows last longer. If you need help, send us a request to come look at your windows or give us a call. we would be glad to give you a free quote. Thanks for reading!

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